Integrity, Honesty, Competence



Wisconsinís Sixth District deserves competent, tenacious, passionate, smart leadership. Amy Washburn has lived in Wisconsin since 2003 and been listening to fellow residents talk about their issues that whole time.

Let's return sanity to the representation of Wisconsin's Sixth Congressional District.

Thanks to all who donate time, effort, or money - It's all appreciated!



Amy Stands:

  • With students.  Amy wants to help make college education more affordable and Pell grants more easily available.  Government owned/backed student loans with predatory lending terms should be forgiven.
  • With farmers.  Amy wants to help Wisconsin dairy farmers get the financial and product support they need to keep from going under and stop the current tide of losing one dairy farm per day. (Down from two per day under Trump!)
  • With the disabled.  Amy wants to help repeal the loophole allowing certain employers to pay the developmentally disabled just pennies per hour for their labor, which every group to have studied has said must go (yet which Rep. Grothman supports keeping in place).
  • With the sick and injured.  Amy wants to help fix our broken healthcare system by getting for-profit insurance out of healthcare, bureaucrats out of the doctor-patient relationship, prices down, and sick people into treatment.
  • With retirees.  Amy wants to preserve Social Security and Medicare investments, make the military pay back what it owes to the SSA, tie benefits more closely to prices on a regional basis, and make it impossible for the system to go underwater financially.
  • With bringing down the national debt.  Amy wants to balance the budget by including targeted defense spending cuts (already approved by the military) as well as writing off intragovernmental debt (debts owed by one government agency to another), while continuing to pay down our external debt.
  • With protecting privacy rights.  Amy supports a Constitutional amendment preserving and protecting personal privacy rights, including but not limited to: contraception, abortion, LGBTQIA+ rights, and interracial marriage.


A Word from Amy:

Iíve heard the stories of fellow chemotherapy patients in the clinic, and while their individual stories are not mine to share, they resonate with me because of the common ground their stories have with my own - which I will share, because if I can help to get even one single other person into treatment, any personal embarrassment I might otherwise have felt at telling my story (of uterine cancer that traveled to my clitoris and ultimately my right lung) is worth it. (Please see my speech on affordable healthcare for all). A good healthcare system, and a healthy populace, should be considered part of the general defense.

Please note that I am running as a Democrat.  But please, donít be put off by the label - I hereby pledge to always listen to everyone from this District, and to fairly represent and assist any constituent, no matter their party preference. I intend to hold voter registration drives on a non-partisan basis, on the grounds that the more people who vote, the better. Your vote is your voice - be heard (and if you want to help with this effort, please sign up on the Volunteer page!).

I believe that people should have access to what they need (not necessarily what they want), and that government has a role in helping them to achieve that, but, at the same time, the nation cannot stay in debt to the tune of trillions of dollars.

Iíve heard, and been shocked by, the stories of dairy farmers being thrown under the bus by our own leaders, including the Sixth Districtís current representative, Glenn Grothman, and former Secretary of Agriculture Sonny Purdue. Farming is a hard life, but a necessary business. Our government should be helping farmers, not making it worse.

Moreover, this district cannot continue to be a national joke due to the lunatic fringe views of our current representative, who, from the number of tax-payer funded trips heís taken to Arizona in his prior & current terms, may simply be looking to retire in Sedona.

Rep. Grothman is not the right fit for the job. I have the education, training, and experience to do an excellent job for all of us, and hope to win your support. Please review the entire website, and follow me on X (formerly Twitter) for more information about me and my campaign. Thank you.